The Witch and the Devourer of Souls by C. David Belt


The Witch
the Devourer of Souls

Coming 2020


C. David Belt

A masked serial killer

feeds off the terror of women,

devouring their souls...

and he's set his sights on Tabitha.

Tabitha Moonshadow Kilmore is now a young wife and a new mother, as well as a starving university student. And only her husband, her beloved Josh, knows that she's a witch. And only Tabitha knows that Josh is a warlock--her warlock. They can do nothing apart, but together, they are magnificent.

It's 1982, and a masked serial killer stalks the streets of tranquil Provo, Utah, abducting and terrorizing women, consuming their fear, and devouring their souls. And the killer has targeted the ultimate prize--the witch Tabitha.

Reluctantly, Tabitha uses her abilities to aid Provo Police Detective Daniel Folau, a man scarred without and within, to identify and stop the murderer. But can Tabitha and Josh trust Folau? Can they trust any man? After all, any male could be the Devourer of Souls.

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Advance praise for The Witch and the Devourer of Souls:

Typical of Belt's works, he paints a picture of a gripping tale that keeps you glued to your seat right from the beginning! There is romance, humor, drama, suspense, incredulity at how deranged a character can be, and some fanciful uses of the Power, something to which we're introduced in a previous novel titled "The Witch of White Lady Hollow." And the picture's canvas is set in cultural "Happy Valley," Utah. If you're looking for a story in which you collect details and ponder them to attempt to detect the villain's identity, only to find out you're wrong, look no further. Only a gifted author who carefully crafts a story can fool not only the main characters, but also the reader!

John Abercrombie - Bountiful, UT