An Enchantress of Ravens by C. David Belt


2022 Whitney Award Nominee


Seven years ago,

the Hangman murdered her family.

Now he stalks Lenore,

Enchantress of Ravens.

When Lenore O'Corbain's family was viciously murdered by the "Hangman," Lenore inherited the O'Corbain legacy--communicating telepathically with birds and merging with ravens. This "talent" had been in her family since time immemorial.

Noah, a raven, is the only surviving witness to the murders, and seven years later, he has given Lenore the first clue to the assassin's identity. Now the Hangman has decided Lenore is a threat.

Lenore meets Thor Odinson, and a whirlwind courtship ensues. But Thor seems to know too much about the murders, particularly about their ritualistic nature. The Hangman is watching Lenore, waiting for just the right time to strike.

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Praise for An Enchantress of Ravens:

"An Enchantress of Ravens" by C. David Belt is a captivating blend of mystery, fantasy, and romance that transports readers into a world filled with ancient legacies, dark secrets, and perilous alliances. The book's description introduces us to Lenore O'Corbain, a woman with a unique legacy of telepathically communicating with birds and merging with ravens, inherited after her family's tragic murder at the hands of the notorious "Hangman."
As Lenore unravels the mystery behind her family's demise, she forms an unlikely bond with Noah, a raven who becomes her key ally in uncovering the identity of the elusive assassin. The stakes escalate as the Hangman perceives Lenore as a threat, leading to a dangerous game of cat and mouse where every move could be her last.
Amidst the intrigue and danger, Lenore crosses paths with Thor Odinson, igniting a passionate courtship that adds a layer of complexity to her quest for justice. However, Thor's knowledge of the murders raises suspicions, hinting at deeper connections and hidden motives.
C. David Belt's storytelling prowess shines through in "An Enchantress of Ravens," weaving together elements of suspense, romance, and supernatural abilities in a spellbinding narrative. The author creates a richly imagined world where ancient powers clash with modern intrigue, keeping readers on the edge of their seats with each twist and revelation.
I highly recommend "An Enchantress of Ravens" to readers who crave a thrilling tale of mystery and magic intertwined with themes of love and betrayal. C. David Belt's masterful storytelling and intricately crafted characters make this book a must-read for fans of fantasy and suspense. Dive into the enchanting world of Lenore O'Corbain and experience a journey that will leave you spellbound until the very end.

Harper Miller

Another epic adventure from C. David Belt, and a special treat for Edgar Allen Poe fans. Lenore O' Corbain, a somewhat edgier heroine than Belt's standard characters, has the power to communicate with birds and uses her abilities to investigate her family's murder. The lore behind Lenore's powers is intriguing, and I'm hoping to see more of this element in future books. With a sweet romance, heartwarming interactions with ravens and parakeets alike, and the kind of horrifying, gut-wrenching gore I've come to expect from Belt's works, An Enchantress of Ravens is absolutely thrilling.

Elissa C. Nysetvold - Author of "Nightwalker"

A gruesome murder, a mysterious killer, and a woman with a peculiar power over ravens. Sound intriguing? That's because it is. Enchantress of Ravens, by C. David Belt, was definitely a fun read. The main character, Lenore has a very cool set of powers that she uses in the name of good, although it doesn't always work out that way. And then there's the villains, my favorite part. These evildoers made me ache to see them get some comeuppance by the end. And it all ties together with some great side characters, a blooming romance, some fun lore, and lots of Edgar Allen Poe references throughout. I'd highly recommend this fun, fast-paced read.

Jared Agard - Author of "Dread Watch"

C. David Belt never disappoints. An Enchantress of Ravens took me for a wild ride and hit all my shiver spots.

Marsha Ward - 2015 Whitney Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

C. David Belt takes readers on a wild flight through the life of veterinarian Lenore O'Corbain, whose special ability to communicate with ravens leads her into dangerous trouble. Readers will find themselves hooked by the story's fast paced action and suspense, and may even learn a thing or two about birds and Norse history. Will the "Hangman" succeed in silencing Lenore and her ravens? You'll have to read the book to find out!

Marie Woodward - author of "Between Here and Zion"

I'm that type of reader everyone hates... the one who flips to the end, because she needs to know what happens. I never do that with Belt's books. Never! And why? Because I trust him as a reader. I always know he is going to give everyone, even the bad guys, some redeemable traits that keep me reading and trusting the storyline long into the night. I loved this book! Loved it! The sickly, mean characters, the budding romance between the Lenore and Thor that seemed almost too good to be true, and the main character's relationship with the birds. It was all fantastical and creative and everything a reader hopes for in a book... and it has the bonus of a fantastic and satisfying ending. Well done.

Jenny Rabe - sweet romance author