Haunted by the Neverborn by C. David Belt


2024 Whitney Award Nominee

by the

The "God of Death"

has haunted Mari for years.

Now the demon has

a new mortal ally...

and a plan for vengeance.

Mari Gwynn possesses a unique gift--the ability to see the lingering spirits of the deceased. But the recently departed aren't the only spirits she can see...

Seventeen years ago, a demon and his mortal avatar murdered Mari's parents. Defending her younger brother, Mari killed the demon's ally. Ever since that horrible night, the Neverborn has haunted Mari nearly every waking moment, plotting his revenge.

Now a highly successful professional paranormal investigator, Mari exposes ghostly frauds and psychic charlatans and helps police catch murderers. But when she exposes a billionaire serial killer, the murderer and the Neverborn join forces, vowing to destroy Mari and everyone she loves.

Will her extraordinary gifts and her courage be enough to protect her loved ones and vanquish the relentless evil that seeks her destruction?

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Praise for Haunted by the Neverborn:

Haunted By the Neverborn is C. David Belt's spookiest book yet. Readers will root for Mari Madlen Gwynn in her battle against an evil demon who wants desperately to possess her and a mortal villain who will go to any lengths to destroy her. She's definitely on the "pricklier" end of Belt's heroines, but her courage, faith, and integrity are inspiring. With a sweet romance and loveable characters (including some friends we've met in previous books), Haunted by the Neverborn reminds readers that death is not the end--not even close--and that we are never truly alone.

Elissa C. Nysetvold, author of Nightwalker

Belt has done it again. A deliciously horrific twist of intrigue, romance, revenge, and murder. "Haunted" intertwines with previous characters from previous books, making their storylines even deeper. Along with the horrific scenes, there is forgiveness, healing, and faith, making this one of his best stories yet.

Jenny Rabe, sweet romance author

"Haunted by the Neverborn" is a gripping horror book that seamlessly blends the supernatural with faith and heart-pounding suspense. C. David Belt masterfully builds tension as Mari faces off against a serial killer and the revenge-seeking Neverborn, creating a relentless sense of danger that kept me on the edge of my seat. But Mari's journey isn't only about survival, but also about finding her own happily ever after. It's a good reminder that even in the darkest of times, light will always prevail.

Marie Woodward, author of Goodbye, Nauvoo

Master of LDS horror, C. David Belt, has once again delivered a compelling, terrifying, and page-turning story--this time diving into the world of demonic possession. He manages to combine incomprehensible evil with the victory of virtue in a way that is completely mesmerizing.

Mari Gwynn is a woman of substance and faith, yet she is often bullied and ostracized by those who do not realize what a remarkable woman she really is. Despite enduring unimaginable trauma, beginning in her childhood, she manages to do good in the world with her unique gifts and wisdom. She is the embodiment of courage--feeling afraid, yet acting in faith anyway to combat evil so horrific from which many, if not most, people would flee.

Harvey Stewart is a meek, quiet man who finds within himself the courage to overcome his shyness to pursue Mari. His unwavering faith and determination enable him to defend Mari and others from the powers of darkness. His unassuming personality masks true strength of character, which manifests just when Mari needs him the most.

The Neverborn is hell-bent on destroying Mari and everyone who stands with her. He uses his weapons of lies, empty promises, and scare tactics in his attempts to conquer her righteous and courageous soul. Frustrated as she continually defies him, he unleashes all the powers of hell to force her to accept his power over her and surrender once and for all.

Mari, Harvey, and those around them find themselves in a crucial battle--not just for their lives, but for those they love, and even their very souls.

Though the subject matter of demonic possession is horrifying, Belt has introduced characters that are heroic, yet relatable, and the kind of people you would want in your corner in a fight.

Fans of C. David Belt will relish this latest tale of good versus evil, courage versus cowardice, and standing for what is right--even if one must stand alone. Warning for terror, horrific detail, and subject matter. Recommend for ages 16+.

Leslie Whatcott, St. George, Utah