The Executioner of God by C. David Belt



Through the mists of time,

the last Templar and a fugitive nun

hunt an ancient, immortal evil.

Tormond MacDonald, the last of the Templar Knights, was commissioned as Carnifex Dei, the Executioner of God, at Acre in the 13th century. His sacred mission--to hunt down and slay a trio of immortal witches who leave death and corruption in their wake. He has forsaken all--family, love, even his brother Templars--to fulfill his sacred vow and pursue the enemy through the centuries.

Maebh O Broin, a 15th century nun, fleeing a different, undying evil, encounters the fearsome Executioner. They are thrown together by fate--or perhaps by Providence--and together, they travel the ages. Every time they appear, they find a wrong to right, an evil to combat. But every time, the witches elude them.

They run afoul of a demon, dealing a crippling blow to her malevolent designs. The demon plans her fiendish revenge upon Tormond and Maebh, and though it takes centuries . . . she will have them.

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Praise for The Executioner of God:

Belt always brings a good balance between light and dark in his writing, and Executioner of God is no different. Equal parts uplifting and frightening, romance and terror, you'll be cheering on Tormond and Maebh as they travel through time and make friends, and some enemies, as the fight the forces of evil around them and learn to adapt to an ever changing society. When you purchase this book, make sure you have tissues, a flashlight, and tomorrow off of work, because you will need all three.

Dan Earl - DeWitt, MI

The Executioner of God is the epic battle of good and evil with a time-travelling knight and nun who are up against a demoness and her minions. There's a whole lot of action, horror, adventure, and even a bit of romance. Latter-day Saints will appreciate the scriptural references while readers of other faiths can still enjoy the complex storyline and well-researched historical fiction.

Marie Woodward, author of Pride and the Peddler

I've always loved Belt's style of writing. It's witty, informative, and action-packed with uniquely important characters that all play a role. I love how he shows the two characters at their weakest, both fighting inner desires and accomplishing a seemingly impossible task together. Maebh and Tormond are a great team, and it was fun to see how they work through challenges to accomplish the goal of vanquishing the evil. A definite twist almost every chapter that kept me turning pages. Dark at times, redeeming at others, and worth waiting for the conclusion.

Jenny Rabe, sweet romance author

There's so much attention to historical detail in Belt's books. I learn something new every time I read one. This had a fun time travel premise which creates so much rich variety and flavor for this story. I loved putting together where each time jump takes place and what historically significant things might be going on that our characters could get caught up in. Really enjoyed this one!

Crystall Brinkerhoff, author of Wicked Fun