The Witch and the Devourer of Souls by C. David Belt


The Witch
the Devourer of Souls

A masked serial killer

feeds off the terror of women,

devouring their souls...

and he's set his sights on Tabitha.

Tabitha Moonshadow Kilmore is now a young wife and a new mother, as well as a starving university student. And only her husband, her beloved Josh, knows that she's a witch. And only Tabitha knows that Josh is a warlock--her warlock. They can do nothing apart, but together, they are magnificent.

It's 1982, and a masked serial killer stalks the streets of tranquil Provo, Utah, abducting and terrorizing women, consuming their fear, and devouring their souls. And the killer has targeted the ultimate prize--the witch, Tabitha.

Reluctantly, Tabitha uses her abilities to aid Provo Police Detective Daniel Folau, a man scarred without and within, to identify and stop the murderer. But can Tabitha and Josh trust Folau? Can they trust any man? After all, any male could be the Devourer of Souls.

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Advance praise for The Witch and the Devourer of Souls:

C. David Belt has again delivered an engrossing, intriguing, and at times terrifying read. Best understood after reading Book 1 of the trilogy (The Witch of White Lady Hollow), this second book once again follows Tabitha Moonshadow (now Kilmore), along with husband, Josh, and adorable baby Joseph. The Kilmores are poor college students, living on love and dreams. They embrace each other and their shared use of The Power. It saves them, yet it also leads them into the very heart of evil. As they draw on this Power to save themselves and those around them from the forces that would destroy, they also turn to their faith and trust in God to help them in their battle. As the story unfolds, we find amazing contrasts of innocence vs. malice, faith vs. despair, and love vs. lust.

One predominant theme in this book is that of masks. Masks, both literal and figurative, add to the suspense of the story. Who can be trusted? What are people hiding? Who is good and who is unspeakably evil? Even the best of intentions can be hidden behind a mask in the face of uncertainty. As we see some of these masks slipping at times, we understand more fully what people may be concealing: fear of being judged; fear of being rejected; fear of feelings exposed that might be better left covered up; and even the most depraved intentions behind a mask of goodness and apparent goodwill.

Leslie Whatcott, St. George, Utah

David Belt does it again. Tabitha Moonshadow is now Tabitha Kilmore, with a hansom Air Force ROTC husband, and an adorable little son. As students at BYU, they lead a normal student life. Well--a not so normal life with C. David Belt at the computer, controlling the scenes. Dave is a master at laying out a horror story and telling you what is going on and still popping up surprises, especially at the end.
Someone is kidnapping young women, and Tabitha realizes that, because of her power, they are after her. Can she and her husband, Josh, keep her and little Joseph safe? And can they help the police stop the killer? Follow their hair-raising, twisting-turning adventures in the horror novel, The Witch and the Devourer of Souls. 5-star reading for any horror story fan. And we haven't heard the last from Dave. More exciting reading to come. He hasn't run out of villains yet.

Jim Harrison, Blackfoot, Idaho

"Flying high with praise for Devourer of Souls"
With his newest book, "The Witch and the Devourer of Souls," C. David Belt shines bright as a master of suspense and tasteful horror. Tabitha Moonshadow has expanded her talents, and with the help of her faithful, struggling husband, is thrown into an epic who-dunnit that keeps you guessing right until the end. David hits all the right notes in this fantastic sequel that seats him firmly in the same section as Stephen King and Dean Koontz.

Walt Parker, South Jordan, Utah

It is a rare feat for an author to pull off a sequel that is better than its earlier work, but in the case of "The Witch and the Devourer of Souls" that is exactly what C. David Belt has done.
Belt's heroine, Tabitha Moonshadow, returns with even greater abilities than before, thanks to a special connection she and her husband have through the Power. As college students with a new baby, their lives seem perfect.
But a string of kidnappings and murders in their community soon changes that. To her own endangerment, Tabitha unwittingly begins using the Power to help police find the perpetrator. Before long she begins to suspect everyone around her.
With Belt's trademark plot twists, "The Witch and the Devourer of Souls" captures the reader's attention from beginning to end.

Adam Ward - Centerville, UT

The Witch and the Devourer of Souls is a riveting work of fiction. I couldn't put it down! I didn't read the first book in the series, but I didn't feel that I was lacking in the information that I needed to enjoy the story. Now I want to go back and learn more of Tabitha's beginnings. This novel had characters that were believable in their everyday lives and the identity of the Devourer kept me guessing until the very end. It was quite suspenseful, intriguing, and well done.

Crystal Earl - DeWitt, MI

This book was a wild ride. Like all of Belt's works, it tells the story of good people in horrifying circumstances who make it through because of their faith and their love for each other. The characters were delightful. Josh and Tabitha are endearing in their newlywed love without being nauseating. In contrast, the eponymous Devourer may be the most creepy, disgusting villain I've ever encountered in fiction. Belt kept me guessing and second-guessing his identity until nearly the end of the book.

Though The Witch and the Devourer of Souls is the sequel to The Witch of White Lady Hollow, the story stands well on its own, with concepts like the Power explained well enough to prevent confusion. Though it is certainly not a bedtime story for young children, there are enough uplifting and genuinely hilarious moments to keep the reader from losing hope. I oscillated between wanting to throw up and nostalgically chuckling at the heroes' Provo-esque antics. I'd recommend this book to anyone with a strong stomach who wants a thrilling, quirky read.

Elissa Cardon Nysetvold - Beaumont, TX

Typical of Belt's works, he paints a picture of a gripping tale that keeps you glued to your seat right from the beginning! There is romance, humor, drama, suspense, incredulity at how deranged a character can be, and some fanciful uses of the Power, something to which we're introduced in a previous novel titled "The Witch of White Lady Hollow." And the picture's canvas is set in cultural "Happy Valley," Utah. If you're looking for a story in which you collect details and ponder them to attempt to detect the villain's identity, only to find out you're wrong, look no further. Only a gifted author who carefully crafts a story can fool not only the main characters, but also the reader!

John Abercrombie - Bountiful, UT